About Us

“I assess the creative process to give my clients the best possible expertise in accomplishing and meeting their needs. It is working within their perimeters to provide a beautiful functional space and image they would like created.”

Marilyn Montgomery is owner and founder of Marilyn Montgomery Designs, based in Houston, Texas for the past twenty-five years. She has worked on corporate and residential projects throughout Houston, Richmond, Livingston, The Woodlands and the Gulf Coast area. Her projects over the years have extended to Lake Charles, Louisiana., New York’s financial district, Midland, Texas and beyond.

A graduate of The University of Houston she obtained a Bachelors of Arts with a focus in design. She served on the design board at the University of Houston and The Art Institute each for seven years. There she mentored and gave curriculum input.

In addition she organized the Institute of Business Designers in South Texas which was the first design association for commercial and corporate designers. She was the organizing President and National Chapter Trustee for five years and traveled all over the country in this position. During this time her main focus was bringing the manufacturers, representatives, vendors, architects and designers together in organized events including fund raising and speaking.

Marilyn Montgomery Designs creates beautiful spaces to meet her Client’s needs. From one office to multi-story corporate clients with numerous facilities, health care, showrooms, or residential projects. We varies from contemporary to transitional, from new facilities to renovation or remodel, all to meet the Client’s needs and reflect their company or their personal style and image.